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Premium Plan

Customized Premium Service ……

We provide tailor-made regular home cleaning service to suit different customer needs. We have a team of two to serve your home every time. Our uniformed maids are well trained and we follow Merry Maids' expert cleaning procedures to maintain professional quality of cleaning. No matter how long it takes, our maids will finish all cleaning tasks before they leave your home (i.e. you are charged per job).

Premium Plan subscribers may enjoy the privilege of guarantee schedule. You have priority to choose the cleaning schedule and all your reservations are fixed till the end of the year.

Free estimation are available for Premium Plan subscribers. Upon receiving your order, we shall visit your home, understand your needs and design a customized package to suit your special requests.

Provide professional cleaning products and equipment ……

We bring our own cleaning equipment and supplies to clean your home at no extra charges. You can be assured that our cleaning procedures are professional and we clean your home effectively and efficiently.

No need to wait for the maids ……

For your convenience and if required, we can keep your key with us as we have a thorough security system in protecting your house key. So you can be more flexible with your personal schedule and no longer need to wait for the maids to come.

Quality guarantee ……

If you are not at home when we perform our regular home cleaning service, call us back within 24 hours for any doubts about our service. We shall arrange our maids to reclean whatever is in question at no charge.

About pricing ……

Please fill in the service / product order form, our representative will contact you shortly.

Payment ……

To be settled by credit card or bank direct debit at the beginning of the following month.

A deposit equivalent to the service charge for one month is required. Deposit will be refunded upon termination of our service.

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  • Each service coupon will be valid for 6 months start from the date of purchase.
  • Each service coupon can redeem one 4-hour session cleaning service.
  • All coupons are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • For certain remote locations, a travelling allowance maybe required to be paid by the customer.
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Merry Maids Professional Cleaning Kits

Include Multi Surface Solution (500ml), Soap Scum Solution (240ml), Toilet Solution (500ml), Greaseaway (500ml), 3 Cleaning Clothes (red, blue & white).
Include Multi Surface Solution (500ml), Soap Scum Solution (240ml), Toilet Solution (500ml), Greaseaway (500ml), Lemon Oil (240ml), Heavy Build Up Solution (500ml), Floor Cleaner (240ml) , Special Tile / Glass Cleaner (500ml), 3 Cleaning Clothes (red, blue & white).

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